All About the A (in LGBTQIA+) Webinar

Seattle Aces & Aros presents a free webinar, “All About the A (in LGBTQIA+)”.

The webinar will feature five panelists from our community, who will be covering an introduction to Asexual and Aromantic orientations, as well as other experiences about what it means to identify on the Ace and/or Aro Spectrums.

This webinar will be open to the public. You can register here: .

The event will take place on Saturday, July 18, at 1pm PT.

Meet the panelists here!

You are also invited to join our group’s monthly (virtual) Roundtable Discussion at 11:30am PT (on the topic “Demi and Gray Aces and Aros”) and Discussion Group at 1pm PT, on Saturday, July 11. You can register here:

All are welcome to join, whether or not you identify on the Ace and/or Aro Spectrums. Just know that this group’s goal is to be a comfortable space to share and discuss asexuality, aromanticism, and our experiences and questions. 

We will strictly enforce a code of conduct to protect the panelists, moderators, and attendees. (No hate speech or bullying. Be kind and courteous. Respect pronouns and avoid gendered language. Refrain from using ableist language. Respect everyone’s privacy.)