Seattle Pride Weekend 2024!

We’re just a week away from Pride Weekend! We hope you’ll be able to join us (and bring your friends!) to all the things we have planned. You can find more details and optionally RSVP on our Meetup or Facebook groups.

Friday, 6/28:

To kick it off, Pride Weekend starts with Karaoke at the Shanghai Room in Greenwood, at 8:30 PM. Come out and sing, or just hang out without singing if that’s more your speed.

Saturday, 6/29:

An image of the Seattle Aces & Aros tent at Pride with the overlaid text "Free Swag at PrideFest" and the location of "Broadway Between John + Thomas, Capitol Hill, 6/29/24, 11-7 PM"

We’re going to have a booth at PrideFest Capitol Hill all day. We’ll be located in a double tent on the west side of Broadway, mid-block between John and Thomas, in front of Sumo and The Alley. Stop by for some free aro and ace related swag (Some things will have price tags to discourage the street fair lookee-looters from grabbing it all, but it’s free if you’re under the ace or aro umbrellas. Just tell them you’re with the band.) and a craft table, or just duck into the tent to get out of the crowds and chill with us for a bit.

Two ginormous pride flags being flown, one trans, one rainbow, with the overlaid text "Giant Flags In The Park", and a location of "Cal Anderson Park, 6/29/24, 1:30 PM, Weather Permitting"

At 1:30 PM, we’re hoping to take the ginormous flags (As Seen On Tumblr™) over to Cal Anderson Park for a bit of a photo op with Flying Gigantic Flags In The Park! If you’ve ever wanted to fly what are likely the world’s largest aro and ace flags (and if they’re not the largest, they’re still pretty danged big), this is your chance. We’ll also have ginormous rainbow and trans flags, a non-binary flag will be making its debut, and we’ll likely have some not-ginormous-but-still-big flags for many more identities.

Sunday, 6/30:

An image of the Seattle Aces & Aros marching in the Pride Parade, with the overlaid text "Pride Parade", and a location of "4th Ave Between Union and University, Downtown Seattle, 6/30/24, 10:30 AM"

The main event: March in the Seattle Pride Parade! We’ll be staging for the parade on 4th Ave between Union and University, starting at around 10:30 AM. There will also be a pre-game breakfast starting at 9:30, gathering about a block away in a plaza in front of Purple Wine Bar. We’re one of the earliest contingents in the parade again this year, so be sure to get there by 11! You can bring your own flags or signs, or we’ll have plenty for you if you just show up.

Looking forward to seeing you all there, and if you have any questions about any of these events, please feel free to ask! And again, check out our Meetup or Facebook groups for more details about these (and other!) events!