All About the A: Meet The Panelists!

On Saturday, July 18, at 1pm PT, we’re hosting a webinar All About the A!

The webinar will feature five panelists from our community, who will be covering an introduction to asexual and aromantic orientations, as well as other experiences about what it means to identify on the ace and/or aro spectrums. It’s free and open the the public, and non-ace or aro people are encouraged to attend! Register here: .

Now let’s meet our panelists!


Alexis is a gray-ace, bi-romantic, and cis-gendered. She grew up in a very queer-friendly city: San Francisco, but was a late bloomer and only came out within the last few years. She loves dogs, dancing, and knitting (as you can see in her picture, she’s wearing a sweater she made with UV-reactive yarn. It changes color under the sun so she calls it her bi-invisibility sweater!) She’s proud and happy she can bring both herself and her sweaters out of the closet.


Danika (she/they) is a bi aroace arogender woman who has been out and proud since 2017. When she’s not saving lives as a not-for-profit financial consultant, she is a writer, musician, and full-time cat mom. Her blog, Sea of Sunlight, explores forming identity and relationships in an amatonormative world.


Val grew up in the Silicon Valley, after college they started their career in logistics and have advanced in the field of Autonomous Vehicle Development. They currently reside in the Greater Seattle Area and very much enjoy their place here. Val grew up knowing they were Queer even before they knew what that really meant. They just knew they were missing a piece that the vast majority seemed to have an understanding. Their journey is a slow one, which should be expected given Asexuality was virtually invisible the majority of their life. Val finally came to terms with their true identity as a Grey Asexual in their early 30s.


John is a 2nd grade teacher in Seattle who identifies as queer, transmasculine, and aromantic, and has been in the LGBTQ+ community for 25 years. In his free time, he enjoys playing poker, marathoning TV shows, and leading the drumline for the OL Reign soccer team.


PJ is an aroace aspiring screenwriter who was born and raised in Seattle. She developed a love for filmmaking in high school, and strives to increase queer representation and social progress throughout the film industry.

And the moderator:


Ashley is an Aro-Ace in aerospace. When she is not working as an engineer, she spends her free time doing a multitude of hobbies, some of the current being mixed martial arts, tabletop roleplaying games, and cooking. She has been one of the organizers for Seattle Aces and Aros for the last year and a half, lately running far too many quarantine TTRPGs.