Seattle Aces Store!

We’ve started a fundraising experiment!  We’re now selling some designs on Zazzle and proceeds will go toward paying for the Seattle Aces’ Meetup costs, parade fees, printing costs, that sort of thing.  (The best part is that if this is successful, we’ll have people all around the world helping to fund our group!)

Need a “Totally Ace!” bumper sticker?  We have one of those!

How about a magnet that lets people know it’s okay to “Be Who You Are“?

Or maybe you need a shirt that proclaims you’re “Strictly Netflix, No Chill“?

(Heck, we even have a pack of 12 cake flavored ace flag tubes of lip balm!  Because, I don’t know, maybe someone has really really chapped lips?)

Those items and more can be found here!

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