Discussion Group Notes 9/10/16

These are notes from the Seattle and Surrounding Aces Discussion Group meeting of September 10th, 2016. These are notes about what we talked about, relevant links, and other information about discussion topics. This is not meant to be a transcript and is not necessarily even meant to be a coherent recounting of the discussion.

Privacy of group members and keeping that room a safe and open place is important to me. I will try my best to not post personal information or individual stories without permission. If I write something that you’d rather not have on here, please let me know immediately and I will remove it.


Creating Change Conference

Creating Change is an annual LGBTQIAetc conference, put on by the National LGBTQ Task Force.  Creating Change 2017 will be held in January, in Philadelphia.  For the past several years, there has been a group of aces who have attended.  The CC2017 ace group is currently putting together presentation proposals!  If you’re interested, head here for more information:  https://nextstepcake.wordpress.com/2016/08/31/wanted-aces-and-aros-at-creating-change-2017-in-philadelphia/

Even if you don’t have anything to present, you can still attend and represent the Emerald City!

Seattle Aces Facebook Group

The Seattle Aces Facebook group was mentioned several times.  Are you a member?  You should be a member!  (There’s also a Northwest Aces group!)

Vloggers Coming Out

Two somewhat prominent vloggers talked about their orientations this week.

Kenna, a fashion vlogger, talked about being an aromantic asexual.

Meanwhile, Ricky Dillon, a exploding watermelon/extreme bubble-wrapping vlogger, talked about being “none of the above”.

The Rest of Us Coming Out

We spoke about the reactions we’ve gotten when coming out.  I will not discuss these personal stories here, as they were spoken in a safe space, however, if you would like to read other people’s accounts of coming out as asexual, head over here.

If you’d like to come out, October has both National Coming Out Day (October 11th) and Asexual Awareness Week (October 23rd-29th).  There is also a series of tips from other aces, which might help you.

Media Mentions

Magic and Mayhem: Fiction and Essays Celebrating LGBTQ Romance

Natsume’s Book of Friends

Grave of the Fireflies

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind



The X-Files

Other Notes

Women in Reasonable Armor

5 Myths About Asexuality

Ace Rainbow Shirt

The Washington State Fair in Puyallup